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Cesta domů剧情内容介绍

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Cesta domů剧情内容介绍

Cesta domů又名Cesta domu

The way home leads to where we came from. Not only in the physical sense, but also in the spiritual sense. It is the way to our birthplace, the way to our resources, forests, slopes, and fields. The road to clear water, to wildfire, to wind without fumes, to land without chemistry. The heroes of our story, each in his own way, seek the lost harmony with animals, with plants, an...

发布于2021年。由托马斯·沃瑞执导,集众多位托马斯·哈纳克、波莱克·波利夫卡、托马斯·沃瑞、伊娃·赫鲁波娃、小托马斯·沃雷尔、Milan Steindler、Lucie Steflová、Barbora Nimcová等著名实力派明星加盟。并于2021-04-01(捷克)公映的电影。


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